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Envi Tech AL, provides equipment calibration services of industrial and laboratory equipment with the high-tech and state of the art calibration equipment by using the methodology of master and reference.

Envi Tech Al offers professional Equipment calibration service in Karachi – We make sure that your all equipment adhere with required standards and regulations. We test your equipment on standard magnitude and perform necessary correctness. Equipment calibration is very important, we make sure that our equipment calibration ensures the drift is minimized or removed. Even the highest quality equipment start drifting over the time and lose the ability to offer accurate measurements. Our professional equipment calibration services help you to ensure that your equipment meet all relevant regulations.

We are a trusted leader in equipment calibration in Karachi, we have unmatched experience, skills and a unique wide reach. Equipment calibration also ensures that batch quality remains on top. Quality systems such as ISO 9001 require highest quality and well-documented equipment calibrations to show accuracy and confidence levels.

Call us now to know how our equipment calibration services can enable you to comply with all relevant regulations and standards.